Animal Encounters

This page lists places in the Clay County and Bradford County, Florida area where kids can interact with or observe animals including: pets, farm animals, zoo animals and animals in the wild.
Kids Clay County and Bradford County: Animal Encounters - Fun 4 Clay Kids
Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation - Saturday Tours

We are going to be offering tours every Saturday at 10am. No advanced reservations required like on some of the other tours. For the Saturday tours, y ...

8528 East County Road 225, Gainesville, FL, 32609
Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Tours

Rooterville is a non-profit sanctuary with over 400 rescued animals. While there are many rescue resources available for dogs and cats, pigs have far ...

5579 Darwood Street, Melrose, FL, 32666
Single Vision Tours

We are Single Vision, Inc., a nonprofit wildlife education facility. At Single Vision we are excited about wildlife. We only provide the best of the b ...

8185 Forest Hills Road, Melrose, FL, 32666